We started renting our flats out during holidays and long weekends. We quickly ended up helping friends out with their short-term rentals, managing check-ins, coordinating cleanings schedules, and so on.

Before long, our team was managing a number of apartments in Paris and is now offering its services to more hosts. 


Paris is the most-visited city in the world, welcoming over 15 million tourists every year. Many of them are looking for a unique place to stay, to experience the authentic Parisian lifestyle far away from the conventional hotels. 

Hosts often take advantage of the opportunity to make some extra money providing accomodation to some of these tourists, while they themselves are away on vacation, a long weekend, or work trip. We are here to make that process easy for them.


“I fully trust BEmyhost and its team. It is like handing my keys to a friend that will take care of my place”

Emilio, 53 years old

“I like using BEmyhost services as it frees your mind from any stress related to your Airbnb guest. You can enjoy your time off.”

Isabelle , 47 years old

“They are real people! trustworthy, efficient and... very nice!””

Sebastien, 36 years old